A light & compact 4 season remote canister stove with pre-heat tube for added safety and low temperature usage. Includes free KOVEA Igniter.

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KOVEA Spider “Standard” 4-season remote canister stove

The KOVEA Spider “Standard” 4-season remote canister stove is the most compact remote canister stove on the market.
True 4-season stove: melt snow at -23C.
Smart burner head spreads flame widely for even heating.
Power when needed for rapid boiling.
Very fine simmer control for fuel efficiency and gourmet cooking.
Anti-flare / pre-heat tube improves safety and allows cold weather operation.
Folds up so small and flat (95 x 85 x 24mm)
Lightweight carry pouch and igniter included.

Fuel (Not Included): 110g / 230g / 450g Iso-Butane (Screw Butane Gas Canister)
Consumption: 120g/h (1,420kcal/5,633BTU/1.65kW)
Ignition: Manual (ignitor inclusive)
Weight: 168g

Safety Features
CE Marked – tested and certified by independent third party to conform with rigorous European safety and environmental standards.
Low centre of gravity compared to canister-top stoves, reduces the risk of pots tipping over.
Gas canister is placed away from the burner when in use to reduce risk of over-heating.
Ultra-low carbon monoxide (CO) emissions* due to KOVEA’s unparalleled expertise in combustion control (*CE Mark requires CO emissions of less than 1400 PPM. KOVEA Spider achieves CO emissions of just 127-160 PPM).

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