The Evolite Thor Pro Ultralight sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm in the harshest winter conditions. Weighing just 1900g, this winter synthetic sleeping bag is much lighter than others of similar warmth value and fits much better.

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•Confident with its design and material quality, this model proved itself with CE EN (European Standard) by being tested in sleeping bag test centers in Europe.
•The MICRO TEC RIPSTOP outer and inner fabric made it even lighter and durable, while the 3D ULTRA MICRO FIBER filling made it even warmer.
•Thanks to this superior material quality, we made a suit that is lighter, tighter and warmer than its counterparts.
•20D MicroTec Ripstop Outer and Inner Fabric: Makes it much lighter and more durable than its counterparts. Thanks to its soft-feeling structure and durability, it is comfortable and long-lasting.
•3D Ultra Micro Fiber Filling: Developed by Evolite, this new generation filling material has the characteristics of being lighter, occupying less space, compressing better and insulating heat much better than its counterparts. With these features, it takes up less space in your backpack and offers a comfortable sleep.
•New Generation Hood Design: While offering better protection from the cold than conventional helmets, it reduces weight and volume.
•New Generation Foot Section: It has been expanded upwards according to the posture anatomy of your feet, thus guaranteeing both warmth and comfort.
•Locked YKK Japanese Zipper: The Evolite Thor Pro Ultralight sleeping bag does not compromise on quality even in the smallest details. We used YKK, the world’s best zipper brand, so that it can be used safely for many years. With its automatic locking feature, your zipper will not be opened unless you want it to.
•Combinable Feature: With the hassle-free, long-lasting and useful YKK zipper, you can quickly combine two different sleeping bags when needed.
•Extreme: -27°C
•Comfort : -12°C (Male) / -8°C (Female)
•Upper Limit: +5°C
•WHAT IS THE MOST STANDARD EN (European Standard) in Utku overalls? Until 2005, there was no accepted standard for the thermal insulation capabilities of sleeping bags. Manufacturers made these temperature ratings based on their own and users’ experience and experience. To remedy this confusion, EN certification for sleeping bags was developed in Europe. Today, there are a few laboratories in Europe that can give this standard. Manufacturers who trust their quality and want to give the right information to their customers have their sleeping bags tested in these laboratories and certified.

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