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Travel backpack with a high load capacity of 60 liters. Back and waist size M.

Two vertical removable plates made of profiled high-strength aluminum alloy are used as vertical stiffeners in the backrest. It is possible to bend the armor under the back of a specific user. Also, a plate made of high-rigidity polyethylene foam is built into the back over the entire area. The ergonomic belt allows you to effectively transfer the weight of the backpack on the pelvic bones. The laths go directly into the belt, preventing the back of the backpack from shrinking under load and thus allowing you to comfortably carry a lot of weight in the backpack.

NOMAD is a new range of robust travel backpacks in 60, 75, and 90 liters. There are two back options for each volume: M and XL, as well as a belt in two sizes.

The geometry and special cut are aimed at bringing the center of gravity of the backpack closer to the back of the carrying person.
Low weight of a backpack for such carrying capacity
High-quality EVA foam that does not accumulate moisture in the construction of the belt and shoulder straps
Removable elements: armor, belt, valve, front pocket (not included in the package),
Pocket for a drinking flask on the shoulder strap (not included)
Zip pocket for electronics on the shoulder strap (not included)
Numerous combinations of load securing with zip ties – including the use of an optional front pocket (not included in the package) and the option with full front overlap with side slings.
The flap can be attached as a front bag, or used as a mini backpack
Top pocket above the shoulder straps for using a backpack without a flap
Durable tube is made of basic fabric Convenient tube straps allow one-handed operation
Metal hooks on the ties, allow you to operate them with gloves or mittens
Lower and upper V-braces are made on removable fittings
High-quality and reliable self-resetting on the belt The adjustment system on the belt allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the tension, as well as separately adjust the top-bottom tension for a tighter fit
Possibility of using a drinking system
Padded shoulder straps do not chafe neck and collarbone
Adjustable non-slipping chest restraint
Big waist pockets
Two oversized side pockets in durable stretch fabric


Weight: 1800 gr
Anatomical back and harness design: Yes
Back Ventilation: No
Removable cap weight: 175 gr
Internal pockets: No
Chest restraint: Yes
Belt Pockets: Yes
Valve: Removable
Collection: Alpine Expert
Minimum weight: 1060 gr
Purpose: Mountaineering, tourism, trekking
Rain Cover: No
External attachment: Possibility of attachment of additional equipment from the bottom and sides
External pockets: Yes
Bottom Entrance: No
Volume: 60 l.
Volume adjustment: Yes
Belt angle adjustment: Yes
Reflective piping: Yes
Suspension system: Suspension system is adjustable
Fabric: 210D Robic® Double Rip UTS
Fabric reinforcement: 330 D Robic® Kodra UTS
Bottom enhancement: Yes
Fittings: W.J., Duraflex, YKK®

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Weight 1,8 kg





1,8 kg


60 lt


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